‘Everything flows, nothing stands still’

Currently living in Bucharest Williams has become all to aware of the transformation of this city in a post Soviet era, a city that has embraced Western capitalism, throwing up glittering shopping malls and office buildings, shiny new edifices to consumer culture. This sense of hyper reality, homogeneity and permanence has led him to create prints that stand in opposition to our deluded belief that we are at the end of history, that globalization and capitalism is the height of human endeavour.

Williams has turned to the remnants of the past to glean a new vision of the future, he has fed into the old city, the decaying architecture of streets and buildings that have yet to be destroyed, pulled down and replaced, and channelled their honesty and fractured beauty into his art. His works are a riposte to the gleaming new future. His portraits of people, decayed, withered by time, effected by circumstance, life and experience seek to reflect the preciousness of life, the beauty of a moment rather than revel in the immobility of infinity and immortality that capitalism is determined to convince us of.

The work stands as salutary reminder of our insignificance in the face of time, they are a socio – political statement about our society and where we are going.

Written by Moray Mair @